Oxy-Hydrogen Generator 2000ml

Hydrogen-oxygen mixed gas, can increase the oxygen inhalation rate, remove free radicals in the human body, enhance immunity

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Product Details:

In 2020, Chinese doctors used hydrogen oxygen mixture to treat covid-19. The office of the national health and Health Commission of China and the office of the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine put the treatment recommendations into the New Coronavirus pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan (trial version 7).

Hydrogen is the smallest molecule known in nature. The scientific community believes that it is an inert gas without biological effects. In 2007, Nature Medicine published an article confirming that inhaling hydrogen can protect against cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury. Up to now, nearly 1400 relevant research papers published internationally have confirmed the biological effects of hydrogen, involving about 200 important human diseases.

【Easy to operate】Professional digital touch LED display,with timing function.

【High Quallity & Safety】H2 has high safety. In diving operation, it can be used for divers to breathe under high concentration and high pressure. Several research results have confirmed that hydrogen has no toxic effect on the body.

【Design for Healthy Life】With regular use, purified HYDROGEN  will simply reset your metabolism, helping elimination of free radicals 

and slowing down the aging process. Rich in antioxidants, it helps improve sleep quality, fight off inflammation and improves your health in a natural manner.

【High  Flow】2000ml / min.

【Volume Concentration】Hydrogen 66.6% / oxygen 33.3%.

【Friendly Customer Service】We will provide friendly customer service. If any problems with the product, welcome feel free to contact us  at any time, we will solve your trouble within 24 hours.


Model: ZJ-HO-2000(C)

Output capacity: 2000ml/min

Power supply: AC220/50Hz

Gas composition ratio: Hydrogen 66.6%, Oxygen 33.3%

Power: 480W

Hydrogen flow rate: 1332ml/min

Host size: 330*450*555mm

Oxygen flow rate: 666ml/min

Host weight: 29.2kg

Display and control: 7-inch touch screen

Use water source: purified water, distilled water

Functions: timing, counting, countdown, abnormal reminder, child lock, voice broadcast, rental timing, Chinese and English, multi-level explosion-proof, multi-level water and gas separation and purification, pressure limiting automatic pressure relief, etc.

Running time: 12 hours continuous operation

Packing size: 430*550*655mm

Package weight: 31.2kg

Warranty: one year

Card board packing quantity: 5 sets

OEM options: 1. Machine appearance customization; 2. Custom control interface; 3. Program customization; 4. Qualification testing, application assistance; 5. Packaging, printing and other materials customization.

Note: In terms of use time, it is generally recommended to use 1-2 hours/day for sub-healthy people, 2-4 hours/day for people with chronic diseases, and 6-8 hours/day for people with tumors.

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