Medical Call System

Product Description:The medical call system is designed according to the special situation of the hospital to solve the conta

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Product Description:

The medical call system is designed according to the special situation of the hospital to solve the contact between the hospital inpatients and the medical staff in the ward. The medical call system consists of a call host installed at the nurse station in the ward, call extensions installed at the bedside of the ward, ward bathroom, and corridor display screen. Once someone presses the call button on the bedside or bathroom of the ward, the host at the nurse station will make a sound Light alarm signal, at the same time, the corridpr display sreen displays the calling bed number simultaneously, and the nurses can immediately rush to the ward to deal with the emergency.

Product features:

  • The medical call system is an indispensable nursing auxiliary equipment in modern hospitals. It can not only reduce the work intensity of medical staff, but also bring convenience to patients;p

  • The time of the call is sensitive, and the voice is clear during the call;

  • It is easy to install and use, and the system operation and all parameters are stable.

Host function:

  • Two-way call, duplex inyercom;

  • When calling in, the host displays the bed number and can report the number in Chinese;

  • For unprocessed extension calls, the host will automatically call in a loop;

  • The host can set different music ringring; 

  • Main extension intercom, call tone adjustable;

  • Priority calls are automatically generated, and high-level calls can interrupt low-level calls.

Display and call extension:

1. Display screen: 

  • The cossidor display screen can display the calling bed number, room and Beijing time at the same time; 

  • The large screen double-sided  four-digit high-brightness display, the time is usually displayed, and the bed number is displayed when calling, the opertion is simple and convenient.

2. Call extension:

  • Both call, intercom, voice, broadcast and other functions;

  • Using the latest coding technology, embedded microprocessor technology, bus technology and other technical means, changing the bed number is safe and convenient.

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