Factory Price Auto CPAP Machine For Sleep Apnoea Therapy

Specification:Item: VentilatorWater tank capacity: 300mlPressure stability: 0.5cmH₂OWaterproof protection grade: IP22Connecti

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Item: Ventilator

Water tank capacity: 300ml

Pressure stability: 0.5cmH₂O

Waterproof protection grade: IP22

Connection port specifications: φ22mm cone interface

Continuous work: ≥8h

Specification size: 255mm*200mm*112mm

Noise: <30dB(A)

Weight: 1.2kq (without humidifier)

Pressure display accuracy: (0.5hPa+4% actual reading

Working mode; CPAP mode,S mode, T mode, S/T mode

APCV mode, Auto B mode

Adapt to symptoms:

It is suitable for hoe and hospital treatment of adult patients with snoring, sleep apnea hypopmea syndrome and other diseases; home and hospital treatment for adult patients with seep apnea with chronic obstructive pulmonan (COPD) and obesity hypopnea syndrome (OHS). Adopt non-invasive methods breathe by applying bilevel altenating positive pressure to the patient's upp such as wearing a breathing mask to the patient, and assist the patient to breathie by applying bileve; alternationg positive pressure to the patient's upper respiratory tract.